Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) -- Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

Standard Assessment Process (SAP)

For all homes that are physically completed on or after 6 April 2008, there will be a requirement to provide an EPC to the owner, with evidence shown to Building Control. These can only be issued by an accredited On Construction Energy Assessor.

Since April 2006, SAP 2005 energy ratings are required to demonstrate compliance with Part L1A for new dwellings and for Part L1B for existing dwellings. We can provide EPCs and SAP Assessments for Building Regulations compliance.

Display Energy Certificates (DECs)

A DEC and advisory report are required for buildings with a total useful floor area over 1,000m2 that are occupied in whole or part by public authorities and by institutions providing public services to a large number of persons and therefore frequently visited by those persons. Typical examples would include:

  • Central an Local Government
  • NHS Trusts
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities
  • Police, Courts and Prisons
  • Local Authority Leisure Centres/Swimming Pools

A Display Energy Certificate shows the energy performance of a building based on actual energy consumption as recorded annually over periods up to the last three years (the Operational Rating). The DEC also shows an Asset Rating for this building if this is available (by way of an EPC). A DEC is valid for one year and the accompanying Advisory Report for 7 years. The Operational Rating (OR) is a numerical indicator of the actual annual carbon dioxide emissions from the building. The various types of energy consumption from occupying a building must be brought together on a common basis so that the performance of one building can be compared with that of another.

Please contact us to discuss your business needs regarding meeting the statutory requirements for EPCs, SAP Assessments, Part L Compliance and DECS.
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