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Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
A Brief Guide For Landlords

  • From the 1st October 2008, an EPC will be required whenever a building in the social or private rented sectors is let to a new tenant.
  • Landlords must provide an EPC free of charge to prospective tenants at the earliest opportunity and must provide a copy of the EPC to the person who takes up the tenancy.
  • An EPC is not required for any property that was occupied prior to 1 October 2008 and which continues to be occupied after that date by the same tenant.
  • However, landlords may commission EPCs for these dwellings if they wish.
  • The EPC shows two things – the Energy Efficiency Rating (relating to running costs) and the Environmental Impact Rating (relating to the carbon dioxide emissions) of a dwelling. Each rating is shown on an A–G rating scale similar to those used for fridges and other electrical appliances.

The rating is accompanied by a recommendation report that shows how to improve the dwelling’s energy efficiency. These two elements together form the EPC and the complete document must be provided to the new tenant.

  • There is no statutory requirement to carry out any of the recommended energy efficiency measures stated in the recommendation report.
  • An EPC for rented property is valid for ten years.
  • The only person who is able to produce an Energy Performance Certificate is an accredited energy assessor.
This guide is intended only as a guide to landlords and should not be used to interpret the regulations. The information is extracted from: Energy performance certificates for dwellings in the social and private rented sectors - A guide for landlords (2008) © Crown Copyright, 2008. Therefore, it is important to read and understand the Regulations as well. In cases of doubt independent legal advice should be sought.

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